Episode 121: Sexual Harassment in Hollywood


Lachlan & The Colonel tackle what is probably one of the most serious topics ever covered in the history of the show.


Episode 120: Super Mario Odyssey, Justice League and Console Wars


Both Lachlan & The Colonel have finished the main story in Super Mario Odyssey, they share their thoughts. Justice League hits theatres next week! And On My Mind this week, are the console wars still happening?


Episode 119: How To Buy A 4K HDR TV


It's Super Mario Odyssey day! We hope you're all enjoying the game! On this week's episode, we run through what you need to know before buying a new 4K HDR TV!


Episode 118: EA shuts down Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Game


The Nintendo Switch received a big update, Sony are now publishing games for the Nintendo Switch, the Solo Han Solo movie received a title (spoilers: it's Solo), and Disney releases "Movies Anywhere".


Episode 117: Fall Gaming, SNES Classic and TRAILERS!


Hiatus? What hiatus!? We're back! We launch into a disucssion on all the fall games that have been released or are being released, including the beta of Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Glad to be back in the pod! Oh, and Harvey Weinstein is a gross man.


Episode 116: Would you Pay For A Disney Streaming Service?


On My Mind today, would you pay Disney $10/month to watch unlimited Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm movies and TV Shows? Also discussed, David Letterman is coming back to TV, Daniel Craig is returning to the role of James Bond, Hellblade is the sleeper hit of the year (?), Marvel's "Inhumans" cops a serve.


Episode 115: Splatoon 2 and San Diego Comic Con


On today's episode, Lachlan & The Colonel provide a "review-in-progress" for Nintendo's Splatoon 2. Also, trailers galore out of San Diego Comic Con, including Stranger Things 2, Justoce League, Ready Player One and more!


Episode 114: D23, Tesla, and Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”


So much news! D23, Disney's annual expo, happened between episodes, so we have all the latest on casting from Aladdin, Dumbo and The Lion King, plus Marvel and Star Wars news. Plus, TellTall Games have announced new seasons of three of their titles, and On My Mind this week, Matt Reeves will be starting from scratch on "The Batman". Oh yeah, and a tangent on Tesla!


Episode 113: Xbox One X Benchmarks REVEALED!


In the news! Antman and The Wasp, Wonder Woman 2, GT Sport Release Date, Spider-Man on PS4, and MARIO KART IN VR!!!!

On Our Minds...what the XBox One X Bencmarks mean for the industry.


Episode 112: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review


Listen to our review of Spider-Man: Homecoming!


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